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      10 Canadian-Owned, Sustainable and Ethical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

      With Mother’s Day around the corner we want to share with you amazing gift ideas from the incredible brands behind the Good People Collective. Each featured piece is carefully handcrafted, ethically sourced and carries with it an inspirational story that will connect you and your mom to communities from around the world. 

      #1 – Hand-embroidered purse, inspired by middle eastern patterns

      Price: $65
      Added bonus:
      provides dignified work to Syrian women in refugee camps
      Purchase here: https://www.tightknitsyria.com/product/samira-bag-blue-maze/

      #2 – Handcrafted earrings made from war remnants in Cambodia

      Price: $60
      Added bonus:
      each piece helps artisans in Phnom Penh transform bullet casings into a new story
      Purchase here:

      #3 – Locally sourced leather sandals, with soles made from upcycled tire

      Price: $89
      Added bonus:
      also available in black and white caramel
      Purchase here:

      #4 – Luxe amethyst bracelet, handmade by artisans in Pakistan

      Price: $88
      Added bonus:
      amethyst is known to block out negative energy and mental stress.
      Purchase here:

      #5 – Bookmarks made by Syrian mothers in refugee camps

      Price: $20
      Added bonus:
      proceeds go to an educational program that helps refugee women learn entrepreneurial skills like computer literacy and English
      Purchase here: https://www.tightknitsyria.com/product/bookmark-windows-of-aleppo-white/

      #6 – Elegant union rings made by Cambodian artisans

      Price: $38
      Added bonus:
      comes in a pair, so you can each have one like mother-daughter rings
      Purchase here:

      #7 – Green Amethyst earrings, handcrafted by vulnerable youth

      Price: $45
      Added bonus:
      purchases support at-risk and transitioning homeless youth in Toronto
      Purchase here:

      #8 – Artisan-made, locally-sourced leather tote

      Price: $229
      Added bonus:
      accents made from upcycled inner tire tubes sourced in Haiti 
      Purchase here:

      #9 – Handcrafted 14KT gold necklace made by at-risk, marginalized youth

      Price: $50
      Added bonus:
      made locally in Toronto and hypoallergenic (nickel-free)
      Purchase here:

      #10 – Rose quartz and garnet tassel bracelet, to bring you love and prosperity

      Price: $108
      Added bonus:
      fairtrade, supports artisans in Pakistan
      Purchase here:


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