If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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Author: Dana

 At TKS, staff and artisans alike love the creative process of coming up with new items, designs, needlework techniques and colour combinations. We are therefore always thrilled when someone approaches us with a special request that challenges us to come

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When the Tight-Knit Syria team first met Malak, a thirty-nine-year old mother of six living in Shatila refugee camp, we were immediately struck by the loving, determined way she guided her large family through the poverty and hazards they found

"Returning from a three week trip in Lebanon and settling back in Toronto hasn't slowed down the momentum one bit. Instead, it only seems to be picking up."- Dana Returning from a three week trip in Lebanon and settling back in

It’s such a blessing getting the chance to work with talent from East to West and across the globe. A couple times a year, (our favourite time of year) is when we get to do it in the form of a

When Trump blatantly laid out his plan for building a physical wall between Mexico and the US border, the idea was deemed so ridiculous it naturally reached viral status. Such a ‘concrete’ plan seemed especially foolish coming from someone with a

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