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Tight Knit Syria

Do You Want To Destroy My Sweater?

I remember feeling like puking on my way to the WEAR 2016 where I was set to speak alongside many other panelists pushing for sustainability in the Fashion industry. I thought I had gotten used to speaking in front of an audience. This time however I was hit with a such a nervous wave, I could barely maintain small talk with my uber driver.

Maybe one day someone will develop a time machine that allows us to push through those moments at lighting speed. Until then, it is so worth it to put yourself out there despite that knot in your stomach. At the WEAR conference I was lucky enough to meet students, professors and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. One very special door the WEAR conference opened was a new collaboration with Ryerson University in whole bunch of ways. I’ll have to touch on them in a separate post, but for now I want to focus on the Ryerson De-Stress Event.

Ryerson University has so far been an ocean of opportunity for collaborating and experimenting. A few weeks before exam week, a few students and myself came up with the idea for unraveling event! Come’on, what could be more satisfying than purposefully destroying a sweater, in the name of green design?! With the up-cycled yarn, we plan on introducing a men’s collection of refurbished ties hand knit by our Syrian artisans. No doubt they will be a sure crowd pleaser in between talks of sports and weather by the water cooler!

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