Returning from a three week trip in Lebanon and settling back in Toronto hasn’t slowed down the momentum one bit. Instead, it only seems to be picking up. During our recent trip to Beirut, we’ve had the pleasure of visiting our artisans in Shatila refugee camp and touching base with our local partners. We also had the privilege of meeting with MADE 51, a new initiative by the UNHCR, to discuss a potential collaboration. We’re excited to say that words are now quickly moving into the realm of action!



For five years, Tight-Knit Syria has been consistently building on a network of artisans and partners, as well as volunteers and consumers from around the world. Working our way towards a collaboration with the UNHCR feels like crossing a threshold of greater impact and further opportunities, which also means bigger responsibilities for our artisans and our team! Considering how far we have come and how far we have yet to go, it’s safe to say – we’re all in!



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