What we do

Tight-Knit Syria (TKS) is a non-profit organization helping to rebuild the lives of Syrian Refugee women displaced across the Middle East.

TKS gives women in Syrian and Lebanese refugee camps the opportunity to earn additional income by creating an online platform where their beautiful hand-knitted and embroidered products can be sold.

We also strive to break down economic and social barriers by connecting refugees with local and international designers, retailers and wholesalers, while preserving their traditional skillsets passed down from generation to generation.


Our Story

In March 2013, Dana Kandalaft started TKS after visiting an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Northern Syria. The rainbow-colored knitted purse she was wearing that day sparked an unexpected frenzy among girls of all ages residing in the camp. A little girl named Sebra attracted special attention after pointing at the purse and yelling “souf souf!”

Since Dana was unfamiliar with this Arabic word, Sebra took it upon herself to show Dana what ‘souf’ meant. 

Souf meant yarn.


Sebra showed Dana a stunning purple-knitted dress with a crochet flower.

She had made the dress using donated yarn with the help of her mother and grandmother. Suddenly, several other girls began showing off their own unique knitted masterpieces.

Dana then had a lightbulb moment, realizing that these women could utilize their traditional skills and creativity to earn money for themselves and their families, while at the same time giving people around the world an opportunity to enjoy beautiful, handmade products that benefit refugee communities.

She wrote up a plan for Tight-Knit Syria that very night and hasn’t looked back since. TKS continues to grow its impact, connecting artisans with designers, retailers and consumers across the Middle East and throughout the world.