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Bookmark – Crimson, Burgundy, Gold and White Geometric Design

$ 15.00

Ethically created, beautiful bookmark made with love by Syrian refugee artisans.

This is a crimson, burgundy, gold and white geometric design on a white background, with a red and black tassel. The bookmark is lined with upcycled fabric.


This collection of colourful bookmarks is handmade from start to finish by Syrian refugee women in Shatila Camp, Lebanon. Not only does each bookmark provide income for the woman who made it, but 100% of proceeds support the Tight Knit Syria Education Program, launched in September 2018.

The aim of this collection is to allow existing talents to flourish, to teach new skill sets, and to mobilize a collective sense of hope for Syria’s future by investing in its women.

Find out more about the inaugural computer literacy course Tight Knit Syria launched last fall here!


Please note that minor details may differ from the photographs, as each item is made by uniquely different hands and minds.

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