Mezze vest in white

$ 45.00

The Mezze vest is a unique design that is held together by exquisite floral crochet patterns. It reflects the artisan skills brought down from generation to generation. 
The name was inspired by the traditional mid afternoon meal known as 'Mezze' where dozens of plates filled with fresh vegetables, hummus, nuts and cheese are beautifully presented among a collective of friends and family.
The 'Mezze' is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the mouth, as each plate is carefully decorated with spices, herbs and pine nuts. In the spirit of everything delicious, we encourage you to show off your Mezze vest among your friends for a weekend lunch. It is sure to have people talking in between bites! 
* Made by Syrian women starting new lives in Amman, Jordan
* 100% cotton 

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