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Tight Knit Syria

Shoot For The Stars

It’s such a blessing getting the chance to work with talent from East to West and across the globe. A couple times a year, (our favourite time of year) is when we get to do it in the form of a… you got it!…PHOTOSHOOT! With our first shipment of unique embroidered accessories handmade by Syrian women living in Lebanon, we had a lot to work with…
It was clear Venus and Saturn were in the works when I ran into Yara at the Ryerson Congress Market. Yara and her sister Jude are Toronto-based Instagram influencers through their dreamy alias known as The Selftimers. When she’s flying solo, Yara is running a Yoga wear company called Scoria that inspires you to reconnect with the kid inside.
Already obsessed with their edgy eye for fashion and bubbly spirit, I knew they would be a great fit for our summer photoshoot…AND BEHOLD! Two days later our embroidered summer line of accessories got to spend a wistful afternoon in the spontaneous and wide-eyed universe of the Selftimers.
Check it out below!
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