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Tight Knit Syria

What Happens In Lebanon… Comes To Canada

It’s been about two months since I’ve returned from my 7 month trip to Lebanon. And as I sit in a good’ol Canadian coffee shop reflecting on what happened over the trip, my fingers feel heavy as I attempt to type out yet another overdue blog post. However, they’re not moving slowly due to the lack of material to share with you, instead they’re heavy from the weight in attempt to control the floodgate of emotions, memories and lessons that need to be squeezed into a bite sized blog post.

Views from Harissa, Lebanon

I’ve been traveling by-annually for a couple weeks each time between Canada and the Middle East  for the last 3 years to carry out Tight-Knit Syria’s work but also to volunteer with my cousin’s peace camp for Syrian children- ProjectAmalouSalam. This time, I went in August and didn’t look back until April.

I knew being in the region would help propel Tight-Knit Syria forward and improve my Arabic. What I could have never anticipated is how Beirut’s concrete jungle would swallow me whole and invite me to stay in its belly before flying back to Canadian soil.

My original intent was to share with you blog posts about my daily adventures but as more and more TKS developments would unfold, the more Beirut would absorb my time, eventually reaching a point of running around this jungle from sunrise to sunset. The more the sun would disappear behind the Mediterranean Sea, the more a simple blog post (and Arabic homework) seemed impossible to start, nevertheless complete. Then I realized, Beirut is time for doing, experiencing, and interacting, while Toronto is a time for reflecting…and practicing Arabic grammar. So stay tuned. Because there is a lot of catching up to do.


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